• There is a connection between time and money


    We want to help you make yours!

    The Money Ripple Effect

    Clear the money and calendar clutter


    Create a new ripple of freedom in life and business!


    1-Day Intensive for leaders serious about creating flow and freedom in business.

    July 22nd , 2024 ~ Rogersville, MO

  • The Horses Are Waiting To Help You Breakthrough

    Equine Assisted Learning is a proven highly effective method in personal and professional development!

    The horses have a message for you...

  • This game changing 1-day intensive is for leaders ready to:

    • Exceed their goals.
    • Step into certainty.
    • Hustle less and experience greater freedom.
    • Re-Imagine life and business for flow and ease.
    • Discover what is REALLY in the way of the flow of freedom.

    Seating is limited, so you gain maximum benefit and personal attention from our team.

    As an added bonus!

    The Money Mindset Matrix Master Class

    Uncover the story you've been running about money and re-write a new empowered one.

    Discover your subconscious set-point in money and re-set it.

    Take a deep dive into your money personality and lean into your strengths.

    Learn more about the Money Mindset Matrix Master Class here...


  • "Since the Money Breakthrough, I have regained 10 hours of freedom in my work week, hired new team members, and opened a second location."

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    Bradley Daniels

    Shelter Insurance Agent, Missouri

    Missouri Agent of the year 2022

    Top 10 nation wide

  • Experience the power of equine assisted learning and coaching

    The Money Ripple Effect™ 1-day intensive includes: 

    Equine assisted business coaching. More information below for more information about this powerful method.


    A full day in an open air country setting for freedom of creativity and rejuvenation. Research shows that being outside amongst trees helps humans rejuvenate.

    Powerful methods aimed at uncovering outdated thinking patterns holding you in patterns of limitation in your time and money.


    A major shift in what you see and believe to be possible in your calendar and bank account.


    Communication is synonymous with leadership. Over 90% of communication is non-verbal, the horses read this like a book and reflect back what you are really communicating without even being aware of it.


    Experiential learning designed for your breakthroughs.


    Establish needed boundaries and hold them.

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  • Why Horses?

    There is no riding. All work done from the ground. No knowledge of horses needed. Working with horses activates both sides of the brain, allowing you to overcome obstacles and develop creative solutions in moving forward.


    Horses are honest and incapable of deception. They interpret the intentions and body language of humans better than we do.


    Horses reveal how we communicate, how we are perceived by others, and where we allocate energy. Our Equine Coaching Team is one of the most valuable – and most popular – aspects of The 48-Hour Breakthrough™ series.



    This method is relaxing and invigorating all at the same time.

  • Trade In:

    Working long hours (the kids don’t recognize you anymore)

    Flat-lined revenue, productivity and profitability


    Difficult money conversations

    The juggling act and the hustle

    Overwhelm and lack of clarity


    For Your Freedom!!!

  • "I uncovered time and money leaks that were causing me to spin my wheels. Applying the insights and strategies empowered me to focus my team on the right things to increase revenue and profit!"

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    Connie Aschenbrenner

    Attorney, Anchorage, Alaska

  • Why The Money Ripple Effect™?

    It is like no other intensive out there!

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    Uncover hidden patterns

    Psychology in money and business 

    • Uncover subconscious programming holding you in patterns of limitation in business (and life.)
    • Increase awareness and understand what drives your money decisions.
    • Find balance in time and money.
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    Feel as if your horses are in a row!

    • Identify what really moves the needle in revenue...this may surprise you. 
    • Communicate congruently on all levels - communication is synonymous with leadership.
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    Re-calibrate your relationship with time.

    • Psychology of time...wrap your head around this elusive thing we call time.
    • Discover how to get more done in less time.
    • Re-calibrate to add freedom back into the work week.
    • Bust overwhelm and give yourself a raise!
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    Hit re-set on your relationship with money.

    • Psychology of money - how you interface with money matters.
    • Experience breakthroughs in money with horses.
    • Stop self-sabotage, make powerful decisions and start attracting more money into your business.
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    Alignment within key areas of leadership.

    • Increase confidence and courage to think and lead outside the proverbial box.
    • Develop clarity in key areas to keep you steady on the track of growth and freedom.
    • Develop your strategy so you know what to do when you don't know what to do.
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    Experience the power and wisdom from equine assisted coaching.

    • Experience a proven and powerful effective experiential method - all work done from the ground, no riding and no knowledge of horses needed.
    • Get your breakthroughs and apply new learning to fast track your company on the path to higher ground.
  • " I found flow in my time which gave space for my creativity."

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    Katie Navarra

    Award winning writer

    Equine Assisted Leadership Coach

    New York

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I spend the night?


    What kinds of exercises do we do?

    We go through a series of exercises designed to help you reveal the subconscious programming that is holding you back from leading the life and business you really want.

    We will engage equine assisted learning exercises in the arena or pasture. There is no riding, all work done from the ground and no knowledge of horses needed to participate.

  • "I was able to see where I was giving my time away and what that was costing me.

    I re-calibrated my calendar for more freedom to work ON the business."

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    Donald Brown

    Owner, ATS Heating & Cooling

    Springfield, MO

  • Simplify & Delegate

    Systems Liberate You!

    "I saw where I was complicating things.

    By simplifying and setting up processes, I found freedom!"

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    Kathryn Cole


    Springfield, MO

  • Ready For A Breakthrough?

    Drop me an email so we can connect to answer questions and clarify if this is right for you!

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