• Transform life and business in 48 Hours!

    The 48 Hour Breakthrough

    Tap into your inner wisdom, re-design and re-calibrate

    for your leap to confidence and freedom!


    2-Day Intensive for leaders serious about

    confidently taking the reins in business and life.

    September 2024

    Rogersville, MO

  • The Horses Are Waiting To Whisper Their Wisdom To You

    Equine Assisted Learning is a proven highly effective method in personal and professional development!

  • This life changing 2-day intensive is for individuals ready to:

    • Learn to receive and exceed goals.
    • Step into certainty and confidence.
    • Hustle less.
    • Spend time in nature and refresh energy.
    • Experience emotional freedom and increase Emotional Intelligence.
    • Lead teams with ease.
    • Find the authentic leader within.
    • Gain clarity and establish the changes needed now for your leap to freedom.
    • Align with a clear vision and become unstoppable.
    • Re-Imagine life (and business) and live it on their own terms.
    • Discover what is REALLY holding freedom, fulfillment and peace back.

    It is credited by countless individuals as the single most important investment made in their life, career, and business.


    The 48-Hour Breakthrough™ is offered throughout the country.


    Seating is limited, so you gain maximum benefit and personal attention from our team.

  • "Since the 48 Hour Breakthrough™ 2-day intensive, I have regained 10 hours in my work week, hired new team members, and opened a second location. My revenue jumped by six-figures - THAT is a great return on my investment!"

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    Bradley Daniels

    Shelter Insurance Agent, Missouri

    Missouri Agent of the year 2022

    Top 10 nation wide

  • Experience the power of equine assisted learning and coaching

    The 48 Hour Breakthrough™ 2-day intensive includes: 

    Equine assisted business coaching. Keep reading below for more information about this powerful method.


    Two days in an open air country setting for freedom of creativity and rejuvenation. Research shows that being outside amongst trees helps humans rejuvenate.

    Powerful methods aimed at uncovering outdated thinking patterns holding you in patterns of limitation.


    Master mind time to develop strategy for your leap to freedom.

    A major shift in what you see and believe to be possible.


    Increased emotional intelligence. Emotional understanding and authenticity.

    Learn to receive and manage energy and communication dynamics.


    Experiential learning designed for your breakthroughs.


    Identify needed boundaries and hold them.


    Polish your leadership to get teams flying in formation.


    Step into authentic leadership that is clear about the decisions at hand.


    Increase confidence in daily communication.

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  • Why Horses?

    There is no riding. All work done from the ground. No knowledge of horses needed. Working with horses activates both sides of the brain, allowing you to overcome obstacles and develop creative solutions in moving forward.


    Horses are honest and incapable of deception. They interpret the intentions and body language of humans better than we do.


    Horses reveal how we communicate, how we are perceived by others, and where we allocate energy. Our Equine Coaching Team is one of the most valuable – and most popular – aspects of The 48-Hour Breakthrough™ series.



    This method is relaxing and invigorating all at the same time.

  • Trade In:

    Working long hours (the kids don’t recognize you anymore)

    Flat-lined revenue, productivity and profitability

    Frustration with teams

    Difficult money conversations

    The juggling act and the hustle

    Overwhelm and lack of clarity


    For Your Freedom!!!

  • "I feel more grounded and centered around the value that I bring to my clients and the business world. 

    My business took an immediate six+figure jump within 60 days after the 48 HR Breakthrough™! My team and I are on fire!"

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    Liz Letson, M.S., LPCC

    E3A certified, Eagala certified
    Eagle Vista Ranch - Minnesota

  • Why the 48 Hour Breakthrough™?

    It is like no other 2-day intensive out there!

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    Day 1

    • Uncover subconscious programming holding you in patterns of limitation.
    • Improve Emotional Intelligence.
    • Breakthrough disempowering beliefs and develop new empowered expansive beliefs.
    • Experience the power of equine assisted learning.
    • Excavate your authentic inner leader and free that aspect of yourself to come out and play.
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    Day 2

    • Re-define failure.
    • Develop strategy for your freedom leap. 
    • Join the horses again for more breakthroughs and clear strategy.
    • Design your days to reflect the life and business leadership that you really want.
    • Expand possibilities and opportunities.
    • Acknowledge the new, off the chain leader that has been held back and step into a new day of freedom and fulfillment.
  • “When I began coaching with Lora, I wanted to grow and needed help seeing where I was missing things. I realized I was leaving money on the table and wanted another perspective to help me find the holes. Lora’s coaching is personalized. She doesn’t offer recycled information. She digs into your specific business and learns it, and then holds you accountable for the plan you make together. You know, every industry has coaching. I’ve gotten systems from other coaches in my industry, but that’s it. Lora transcends systems and gets personal so that you can be successful. If you are thinking about hiring Lora – do it! Don’t think about it. Not doing it will cost you money. Spending time thinking about it will cost you money, too. Just do it! After the 48 Hour Breakthrough I feel energized, focused, and clear. I have a game plan! I am more efficient with my time during the day so that I can give time to other priorities. I no longer spend all of my energy on the daily tasks; I have time and energy to spare.”
    Nathan Berberia
    Missouri , Chiropractor

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    Nathan Berberia

    Chiropractor, The Source Specific

    Springfield, MO

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I spend the night...48 Hours?

    No! You go home or back to your hotel at night. You will have a little homework and it is best you don't make plans for the Day 1 evening. We re-convene the next morning.

    What kinds of exercises do we do?

    We go through a series of exercises designed to help you reveal the subconscious programming that is holding you back from leading the life and business you really want. Most are done indoors.

    We will engage equine assisted learning exercises in the arena or pasture. There is no riding, all work done from the ground and no knowledge of horses needed to participate.

    How can horses help me?

    Humans learn more effectively through experience and movement. It is a whole body experience. Our horses have been working with clients for over 17 years. They are seasoned at helping business leaders breakthrough old paradigms and build new ones of empowerment and expansion.

    93% of communication is non-verbal. Horses read non-verbal communication like you and I smell coffee in the morning. They respond to it and my team and I are trained to help you understand what the horses are telling you.

    This is a safe environment, we guide you in safety measures and safety is number one in the work, otherwise it wouldn't be so highly effective.

    Research indicates that there is a relaxation effect in the presence of horses, we activate the right side of the brain, the creative side, and get you into flow state of re-invention of the problem at hand.