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    Break free of patterns that keep you overworked and underpaid!

    Suvive these turbulent economic times!

    Discover what makes you tick around time and money so you can rewire your business brain for freedom, flow and profits.


    Money Mindset Matrix VIP Program

  • It's time for freedom and flow...

    Are you finding that you don't have enough time to get it all done and yet, you're not making enough money?

    I've been there, done that...and burnt out.


    As a business owner, it's easy to fall into the trap of doing more in an attempt to get more. This dynamic keeps you from making the powerful decisions needed to grow in the ever-changing landscape.


    What if...

    • You could break the pattern of overwhelm and frustration easily?
    • Business decisions got a whole lot easier?
    • The strategies that help you win in the game of business come from a natural strength you already possess and just aren't tapping into?

    It can happen!




    A Powerful Course To Re-Wire Your Business Brain

    For Freedom and Flow

  • As a business owner, are you ready for more peace and ease?

    This masterclass is for entrepreneurs ready to:

    • Get back to the business of running and growing the business.
    • Find peace, freedom and flow in life.
    • Double their profit while cutting work time in half.

    Believe it or not, how your brain is programmed around money produces the results you are experiencing in business...and life!


    This programming is the Money Mindset Matrix you live in.


    Most don't realize they even have a unique Money Mindset Matrix that dictates money and business decisions.


    Once you discover how to re-program it, freedom and flow are found with ease.





    In this VIP course you will:

    • Take a deep dive into your Money Personality so you are clear about what makes you tick in the money department and how it influences your business decisions.
    • Discover your Subconscious Set Point in money. We all have one and it causes your money needle to hover in the same area year after year, much like the governor on a car, you can't get past that point.
    • Uncover the Money Story that is playing over and over and re-write an empowered and abundant one for freedom and flow in your life and business.
    • Develop strategy that aligns with the strengths you already possess, but just haven't yet tapped into.
    • Reveal subconscious programming that is driving your business decisions and develop a powerful mantra that pulls you forward.

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  • The Money Mindset Matrix helps you re-program for freedom and profits...your breath of fresh air.

    Discover the Money Mindset Matrix you are living in and re-program for freedom and flow!


    We need to stop the hustle, learn how we are wired so that we can create more income without overworking and stress. What once worked no longer does. We will help you lean into the inner strength you already possess for greater profit.

    The need for clarity and alignment around money...

    Give up resistance and frustration for freedom and flow. Together, we will help you chart your new way of being in business decisions...make decisions that pull you forward.

    You can achieve the results you want.

    Focus on the right things so you can enjoy the things that really matter in your life.

    This class isn't about:

    - Sitting on the couch eating bon bons hoping and wishing for what you want. Get grounded strategy steps that lead to real results.

    - Your bad childhood and picking apart every bad memory around money. Let go of the past, even the recent past and re-write your story of freedom and flow.

    - Setting goals and stressing about achieving them. Stress and adrenaline are money repellents. Once you identify and lean into your money strengths, stress can take a hike! 

    Wondering if this class is right for you?

    If you've tried strategy after strategy only to find yourself tired and frustrated, like many of my clients when we started working together - you will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to take action and get new results. 

    It's not uncommon for my clients to take five or six-figure leaps and hours of freedom back into the work week. 

  • How about more flow and less stress?

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    "As a result of my work with Lora and her team, I’ve shifted out of a dollars for time mentality and now know my worth as well as the value that I bring to my clients."

    Brian Stephens

    Atlanta, GA

  • Because of this ~I developed the

    Money Mindset Matrix Master Class

    It only takes a small shift in thinking to alter results in a profound way.

    • Discover your Money Super Power and how to powerfully lean into it for greater results with less effort.
    • Uncover your hidden money story to re-write an empowered and abundant one.
    • Create strategy for breakthroughs in money.
    • Hit re-set on your Subconscious Set Point in money. (We all have one.)
    • Reveal subconscious programming causing cycles of limitation in time and money to take control once and for all.
    • Develop your powerful money mantra to override disempowering thoughts around money.
    • Shed light on the biggest road block every business owner has.


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    "Lora is a roll up her sleeves kind of coach with a ton of experience and wisdom to share with you on how to really “juice” your business."

    Jennifer Kaplan
    E3A Master Trainer, Leadership Coach At Equinemity

    Reno, NV

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    Stop overworking and reprogram your Business Brain!

    2-Week Online Training

    Release limiting thoughts and upgrade your

    money beliefs.

    Open possibilities for growth and freedom.

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    Module 1: Discover the ripple effect of your Money Personality

    You have a Money Personality that is uniquely yours. It is both innately a part of you and the environments around money you have been in throughout your life.

    Take a deep dive into your Money Personality to discover your money superpower.

    • Receive replay on demand class instruction
    • One live group call with Coach Lora


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    Module 1: Uncover your subconscious money set point

    This is that amount you hover around year after year. We will take you through the formula to uncover yours and help you hit reset to reprogram for greater results.

    Reveal where you have been stopping and why.
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    Module 2: Your Money Story Make Over

    Unravel your Money Story - the subconscious messaging that quietly dictates your daily decisions. The story flowing in the back of your mind that whispers, "are you sure?" "Are you enough?"

    Be guided to re-write this story with abundance and flow.

    • One live group call with Coach Lora
    • Receive replay on demand class call.


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    Module 2: Business Insights Breakthrough

    Apply the insights and breakthroughs to your business.

    Develop a new empowered action plan that supports the results you want in life and business.

    Strategy to leverage your money strengths and leap forward.
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    BONUS: Private 75 Minute Money Breakthrough Session

    Discover whose really in the driver's seat of money and business decisions.

    Engage a powerful breakthrough method of overcoming feelings of uncomfortableness around money, money conversations or any area of business.

    Develop your personalized money power mantra.

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    The Horses Invite You

    To Breakthrough

    Experience the power and wisdom horses bring to the work you do around money.

    Schedule your session

    Truly a unique experience you will want to be a part of!


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    "Lora and her team nail it on every level! They have given us the confidence and clarity we needed to move toward our dreams."

    Blaine Scott, M.Div., Stress Management Guide, Co-Founder and Guardian of the Mustangs at Steadfast Steeds, Colorado

  • Invest in you for a greater return on your daily efforts.

    Stop the stress in overworking


    Re-Wire Your Business Brain For

    Peace And Freedom!

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