• Leadership is changing

    The pandemic brought with it a need to change how we lead. A more authentic and agile way of getting things done. Leaders are having to shift who they are being, what they believe is possible, and allow the how to emerge in the trust of each step along the way.

    It's no longer follow the leader

    The old paradigm of following along behind has shifted to more of a shoulder to shoulder dynamic. Blaine Bartlett said it best in his best selling book, Leadership Mindset Weekly - "Leadership is about co-creating coordinated movement."

    Join the movement to empowered leadership

    Zero2Sixty offers proven and effective methods to transform business owners into legendary leaders. Learn a wholstic framework to create the life and business you truly love and want.

  • How It Works

    Gain wisdom and insights from a collective of wisdom in other business owners.

    Get personalized support you need to navigate daily obstacles.

    Experience the power of equine assisted learning.

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    Small Group Luncheon

    Meet with other business owners on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday each month for lunch in a collaborative environment.

    • Enjoy a delicious meal in a quiet business conducive environment.
    • Focus on solutions to the most pressing issues in your business.
    • Leadership development and mental fitness coaching.
    • Be inspired and experience a confidential sounding board in the mastermind session.
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    The Study of Leadership

    Learn and apply the five domains of leadership from The Leadership Mindset Weekly by Blaine Bartlett.
    Be a leader that:

    • Inspires your team to co-create coordinated movement.
    • Meets challenge with confidence.
    • Clearly and confidently makes powerful decisions.
    • Communicates effectively.
    • Builds trust.
    Each meeting dives into that weeks study from the book and the deeper dynamics associated with it.
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    M7 Community

    Monday Morning Marketing, Money, and Mindset Master Mind Included!

    Say that three times real fast!
    Two Mondays per month, join Coach Lora and other business owners from around the globe to master mind, coach, be inspired, and get answers to your most pressing questions.


    Get coaching and accountability so you stay in motion toward your goals and vision.
    Closed Linked In Group to interact between meetings.
    Learn more about the M7 Community…Click Here
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    Leadership lessons through the wisdom of horses - on site or online

    Get support you need to uplevel your leadership.

    Place the Coffee With Coach Lora sessions on your calendar.
    Various services offered for this session.
    Learn more about this monthly event here...
    • Equine assisted learning - a powerful method to experience breakthroughs with horses.
    • Drive home what you are learning through powerful experiential learning.
    • Session by Zoom or onsite.
    • Different leadership topic each month.
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    Library of leadership lessons

    Access to all recorded M7 sessions and other resources to support the growth of your most valuable asset ~ your business.

    • Replays of past M7 leadership lessons.
    • Research and articles that offer insights into the most pressing needs in business.
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    Closed Linkedin Group

    Private group communication

    • Get feedback and accountability.
    • Share ideas.
    • Reminders and prompts from Coach Lora
  • We help take your business to the next level.

    Together we reach the goal.

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    These are challenging times and it is imperative that the business community help each other. This is the spirit of EMMA. 

    We hope you will join us to grow you, your business, and your community!

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    ~Recommended Reading ~

    Blaine Bartlett is the CEO and President of Seattle based Avatar Resources. He has coached and consulted worldwide with executives, companies, and governments and has developed and delivered training programs to almost 300,000 individuals that have collectively impacted close to one million people.

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    About The Founder Of EMMA

    Lora Newman, M.S., LPC, Author, Speaker, Executive & Business Leadership and Mental Fitness Coach, is the Founder/CEO of Zero2Sixty Performance Coaching, llc and HorseBusinessWhisperer.com. She’s been helping business professionals and entrepreneurs succeed in business and in life for more than twenty three years.


    US Army Veteran
    Licensed Professional Counselor
    Coach U Graduate