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    Leadership Development Through The Power Of Equine Assisted Coaching

    Help others while you grow!


    Spring Edition

    Clear Money Clutter

    (We all have it)


    Give Yourself A Raise

    Rogersville, MO

  • Owning a business today takes a new kind of leadership.


    Authentic leadership that co-creates coordinated movement.


    Join Coach Lora on May 21st to dive into a little money psychology.


    In this presentation:

    • Pinpoint money blind spots that are costing you.
    • Empower financial decisions and personal growth - (aren't all decisions impacting money somehow?)
    • Experience the power of equine assisted coaching.
    • Have some fun while learning.
    • Enjoy a hot cup of coffee or other beverage while networking with other business owners.

    Reserve your seat for $37 – Proceeds go to Good Samaritan Boys Ranch Equine Assisted Therapy Program, helping at risk youth right here in the Ozarks.

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    Hi, I'm Lora Newman

    My team and I are on a mission to transform entrepreneurs into decisive, deliberate, and prosperous leaders.

    I have been in this business for over 23 years. Many ups and downs have occurred in that time.

    What I know to be true, is that small business is the heart of America. Entrepreneurs are smart, scrappy, and savvy when they tap their inner strength and wisdom.

    We are here to help you connect with your bigger picture, squelch the noise, and create momentum with confidence and clarity so that you increase revenue, lead teams with ease, and experience more freedom.

  • We are here to help entrepreneurs navigate the biggest challenges in business!

    Coffee With Coach Lora is a business education series aimed at supporting entrepreneurs through providing education and tools to fuel growth while supporting the causes that make our world a better place.

  • Join us to navigate these challenging times!

    Mental Health First Aid Certification

    Mental Health First Aid Certification

    Blended virtual training. 2.5 hours self-study + 5.5 hours live online training.
    Coming soon
    Coffee With Coach Lora - Clear Money Clutter

    Coffee With Coach Lora - Clear Money Clutter

    May 21st, 8:30-10:30am Rogersville, MO
    Coming soon